What is Amazon FBA?

You may have heard of Amazon Web Services and may have some idea that Amazon offers some great tools that are used to drive traffic, but do you really know what FBA exactly is? Selling on Amazon can easily drive tons of sales and be very complicated if you don’t know what FBA really is. If you are an Amazon Seller, then understanding what FBA is or selling on Amazon without using FBA would sit right at the top of your priority list. If you want to find out whether Global Affiliate Zone: Just Another Internet Marketing Scam, read on.

Amazon offers a great many products and services that span just about every industry sector on earth. Many people that want to start a business decide to use Amazon as their platform of choice because of this extensive list of products. What am I talking about? Well, let me take a brief moment to discuss how Amazon handles the storage and fulfillment of their customers’ orders. What is FBA? Fulfillment by Amazon.

What is amazon FBA

Amazon uses a third party company called Amazon fulfillment to deliver the ordered products to the customer. When the product arrives at the retailer, usually the seller, takes possession of the product and makes any necessary repairs. Once that is done, the retailer then ships the product to the customer’s door through Amazon warehouses. What am I saying here?

That is pretty much all the material I have mentioned in the above paragraphs. If you are not familiar with what I am talking about do a quick search online. Amazon fulfillment and Amazon Seller Account are the two most important terms related to Amazon’s drop-shipping business. If you don’t use these terms and what I just laid out, you will be leaving a very critical aspect of your business out.

Drop shipping allows the seller to keep close control of his inventory and the process of delivering items to the customers. He doesn’t have to maintain an inventory, rent a warehouse or hire workers to manage his inventory. All he has to do is list the goods for sale on his website and wait for his customers to order them. All of this is taken care of by Amazon fulfillment centers, which run warehouses throughout the country and handle the logistics of selling products to the end user or consumer.

What happens when someone visits your website or a customer makes an order? Your website will have a link to the Amazon fulfillment center that will warehouse the order and send it to the customer. Your order will enter the Amazon warehouse and after being processed, your product will be shipped to the customer. As you can see, this process takes away most if not all of the manual labor involved with inventory, storing, and shipping the product. In fact, your job is already done for you by the Amazon fulfillment company. You are only required to list your brand name and sell the products on your website and make sales.

Not only does drop shipping free your mind from the task of storing and physically handling the product, it also takes away any need for you to handle returns. When an order is placed with Amazon, it is immediately sent to the Amazon fulfillment center. Once an order is received by the customer, you will have to enter into a system where you will monitor the status of the order and notify the customer service if there is a problem with the order. This is all handled by the Amazon fulfillment company.

The real benefits of Amazon fulfillment centers, especially for small businesses, is that they provide a simplified method of handling products. They also offer a cost effective way of shipping products to the customer. If you currently only deal in physical products, such as books or clothing, selling on ecommerce sites like Amazon can be very helpful in increasing your sales. The fact that you do not have to handle returns also helps with your customer service. With Amazon FBA you can focus more on your product catalog and marketing efforts. By simply adding a third-party fulfillment company to your product catalog, you can start making money immediately and streamline your online business to achieve quick success.

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